Our Story

We’re on a MissionLevel provides learners with a high-quality, intensive, experiential educational program that supports them in gaining the skills needed to advance their personal and professional goals.

Backed by Northeastern, Level formed as a Data Analytics Bootcamp and quickly scaled to offer courses in Cloud Computing, IoT, and Entrepreneurship.

Care to join us? 

We’re looking for hard workers who are seeking to innovate higher education. Think you’re right for the team? Check out the positions below and give us an overview of yourself and how you can get us to the next Level (pun intended).

Content Marketing Manager
Virtual Data Analytics Instructor
Learning Manager

Our Team:

  • Eliza Spang, PhD, Executive Director
  • Nicole Morse, Senior Business Manager
  • Terianne Hall, PhD, Data Analytics Program Director
  • Sam Tawfik, IoT Program Director
  • Juliana Lebowitz, Strategic Marketing & Analytics Manager
  • Samantha Leonard, Content Marketing Producer
  • Shireen Pourbermani, Student Success Manager
  • Polly Searles, Program Manager
  • Lily Meyer, Program Analyst