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The backgrounds of the 50 Level graduates range from programming to marketing to finance to rhetoric. Scroll down a bit to see what a few of them had to say about their Level experience.

Sales/Support Managers
Managers in sales and account management need analytics to determine and predict customer behavior, using historical information to strategize future methods and processes.
Digital Marketers
Marketers need analytical knowledge to analyze and optimize campaigns, segment customers, and make strategic recommendations backed up by numbers. On average, marketing analysts make 16% to 35% more than content and social media marketers.
Analysts without specific data analytics tools will find themselves at a disadvantage in the business world. Fluency in data tools and systems will provide legitimacy for analytical decisions, and accelerate the trajectory of the analyst and the company whose business problems are being resolved.
Data analytics is the logical segue for programmers who are interested in transitioning to the business side of a company, and want to leverage a quantitative background with practical business applications.
Whether you are a data-newcomer, industry-changer, or have some experiences wrangling data in the trenches, Level can help you apply data skills to embark on a new journey.

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What our students are saying

Ballesteros 9cf780582be9fbe17a57bd5e1c1527a826afa99fc4328e7a5b3fb5823f632ff8

Being part of level played a huge role in helping me land the job. After the bootcamp I became a more skillful and confident candidate. Specially during my face to face interviews at IDC, some of my answers to the behavioral questions were based in the Level group projects and the capstone project with Beroomers.

Joao Ballesteros, Level Alum

Shyrock b768b5b1bfb5388e43165d24759ce3aeec84b859dfa7f2eeeb3d09dd57adfa11

Level was a great platform to help launch my career in data analytics. I came in with a background in math and programming, but I left with a much deeper understanding about how to approach and solve problems using data.

Devin Shryock, Level Alum

Rapino dbe59c309c4126a2d13988e9e5e7d4ff96a0989816939002ecc9242a22f4f99d

I really enjoyed being part of the inaugural Northeastern Level Boot camp in Seattle…The best part of the class was our Capstone Project. It allowed me to use the tools to work on a "real world" business problem with a leading corporation.

Paul Rapino, Level Alum

Cedric 668410f3439b83c21d7ae5b4d9f955c519a45c775430a64e287e334e791de6a9

Through the Level program, I've been exposed to the skills that employers are looking for today, and can focus on the tools I'd like to use to advance my career going forward. More importantly, my network has grown to include fellow graduates, industry professionals and Level staff that share similar aspirations and are invested in our mutual success.

Cedric Hom, Level Alum

Fodrie 46c23e4e4cea4508273f203cb434ca411c47b8f2ca261bffe08b821ea54cd179

Unexpectedly, I learned not only the tools needed to perform data analysis, but throughout the course we were encouraged to think unconventionally and "outside the box", to analyze data that supersedes the obvious, and to approach problem sets from a perspective that may be unique due to personal professional experiences.

Tina Fodrie, Level Alum