Financing Your Program

How Much Does a Level Data Analytics Program Cost?


Education at any point in your life is an investment. At Level, your investment could pay for itself. According to Robert Half’s 2018 Technology & IT Salary Guide, entry level data analyst salaries can reach $81,000.

At $4,495 for the Introductory Data Analytics program and $7,995 for the Intermediate Data Analytics program, our data analytics classes are up to half the cost of data analytics bootcamps.

Payment Methods

We have several payment methods to help you afford your program so you can move on to the next phase of your career.

Payment Plans

Our payment plan helps you manage the cost of tuition after your deposit and any scholarships you’ve received are applied. The payment plan is breaks your tuition balance into equal installments throughout the duration of your program.

The first payment is typically due on the first day of class, and the final payment is due two weeks before the end of the program. If you do not use a payment plan, the total tuition balance, after deposit and scholarships, is due by the first day of class.

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

An income share agreement, or an ISA, is a contract between a student and a college that allows the student to defer paying for tuition until after they’ve landed a job.

In this agreement, students pay no tuition before or during their program, but after they’ve secured a job and their salary reaches a level that was outlined in the agreement.

At Level, the ISA agreement is offered through MentorWorks for a term of three years. Repayment begins when a student’s salary reaches $40,000, and repayments are capped at 10% of their income. Repayments will never exceed 1.25x the cost of tuition.

Student Loans

Northeastern University Loan

The Northeastern University Loan is offered to every student to cover the cost of tuition. Funds are borrowed directly from the university, and are paid back over a term of three years with a 7% APR. Repayment begins 30 days after the end of the program.

Students who choose the Northeastern University Loan should begin the program application process as soon as possible. Students must first apply to Level so we can set up a student account to process the loan through.

Once the application is submitted, Level will send the loan paperwork to the address provided on the application form. Students need to fill out the paperwork and and mail it back to the return address provided.

Third Party Loans

There are a variety of third party loans students can leverage to finance their Level data analytics program. While some lenders are described as providing loans for coding bootcamps, they may also provide loans for accelerated programs that cover other subject matters.

You are strongly encouraged to research available lenders in order to choose a loan product that best suits your needs.

Scholarships and Discounts

Level Scholarships

Scholarships are available on the basis of merit and financial need. Scholarships are based off of the regular Level application and subsequent phone interview, and are granted in the form of reduced tuition.

Full Circle Scholarships

(25%) (Full-Time Data Analytics Intermediate Students ONLY) If you are currently involved with and/or have completed a term of service with the following organizations, you can apply for the Northeastern Full Circle scholarship: Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach For America, LDS Returned Missionaries. The Full Circle scholarship will cover 25% of the total cost of tuition for the full-time Intermediate Data Analytics program. If you’ve spent one-year abroad teaching ELL, you may also be eligible.

Double Husky Discount

Current Northeastern University students and alumni are automatically granted a Double Husky scholarship to participate in Level. Double Husky is a  25% reduction off the total cost of tuition.

Graduates of Level programs are also eligible to use Double Husky to reduce the cost of tuition for the Master of Professional Studies in Analytics. This offer also applies to Level alumni from any of our programs interested in transferring into any master’s program in the College of Professional Studies, as well as the Align program.