Get an introduction to new technologies and concepts with Level's Data Analytics and IoT Workshops.


Intro to SQL for Business

Learn how to answer business questions by accessing, querying and analyzing data in 
Charlotte – December 1 - $299 - REGISTER NOW


Intro to Data Visualization

Data visualizations can make or break the impact of any analysis. Create compelling and creative visualizations in Tableau, and learn how to tell a story with data in order to drive actionable insights.
San Francisco - December 1 - $299 - REGISTER NOW


Intro to IoT

Gain a broad understanding of all aspects of IoT and IoT solution implementation to help you manage or lead the evaluation and implementation of your new IoT solution.
Boston– December 1 - $299 - REGISTER NOW


Designing Your First Smart Project

Learn how to develop or test a new idea in the growing field of Internet of Things (IoT), from concept to design to implementation.
Online– December 7 - $99 - REGISTER NOW