Data Analytics

The concept of big data is not just restricted to data scientists. There are over 2.9 million open jobs in the U.S. requiring data analytics skills, and Level was designed to equip professionals with the data skills needed to excel in any industry or field.

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Real Skills

Walk away with a foundation in statistical analysis, and the ability to extract, analyze and visualize data using tools like Excel, SQL, R, and Tableau. You will learn how to think like an analyst, enabling you to pick up new technologies throughout your career.

Real Experience

Build a data portfolio and learn skills through real data projects. All data analytics programs include topical "XCase" data case studies, and intermediate data analytics students complete a real-life capstone project by using data analysis to solve a real business problem.

Level Data Analytics Alumni

Sara Harding
Data Integration Specialist, Ellavation Education

Josh Chang
Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Isaiah Coates
Data Analyst, The Tombras Group

Pete Petrin
Data Analyst, DC Public Charter School Board

Hannah Jacobs
Associate Data Analyst, comScore

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