Capstone Projects and xCases

Get the skills and experience needed to turn data into action with Level's Introductory or Intermediate Data Analytics programs.

Data analytics at Level is an immersive, experiential program. You don’t just look at data, you learn how to work with data.

You’ll do this in core projects in the curriculum, xCases and capstone projects. These exercises help you practice using tools and programming languages to build your expertise in data analytics. The introductory program includes one xCase, and the intermediate program includes two xCases and a capstone.



Similar to a case study, where you consider a problem from the perspective of an executive, xCases require you to apply what you’re learning to a real problem that closely resembles what you might face in a data analytics role after you complete Level.

These projects hone your technical competencies and engage you in deep critical thinking so you’re “robot proof” ; you’ll know how to ask and answer your own intelligent questions from the data, not just take whatever a machine spits back at you.

They’re excellent preparation for your self-designed capstone project, and you can include them in your professional portfolio to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in the field to prospective employers.


Capstone Projects

Starting in September 2018, Level began phasing out industry-sponsored capstones to better meet student needs and areas of interest.

We used to pair students with industry partners to work with their data, and identify and solve a problem. But as we all become more protective of our personal data, companies have become similarly wary, making it difficult for students to get the full access they need to perform successful analysis for their capstones.

Now, we help students develop a capstone project that’s tailored to their field of interest, their employer’s needs if they’re currently working, or the skills they want to learn, rather than the limited scope of a Level-assigned company partner.

Today’s students will work with their instructor to access a publicly available data set, work with their employer’s data, or independently approach an industry partner.


What’s the difference?

Designed by experts in data analytics and data science, xCases are pre-packaged projects. The data set and the case study are already put together for students to work on.

Capstones, on the other hand, are completely designed by the student, and are the culminating project that demonstrates a student’s new knowledge of analytics tools and concepts.