Data Analytics Courses at Level

Get the skills and experience needed to turn data into action with Level's Introductory or Intermediate Data Analytics programs.

Data Analytics, on your terms.

At Level, we help you to quickly begin building your experience as a data analyst or data scientist. In our programs, you’ll learn current tools and concepts in the field from experts currently working as analysts, data scientists, and data visualization professionals.

Whether you take classes in-person or online, you’ll begin practicing your new skills immediately, building your portfolio through coursework and hands-on training.

Introductory Data Analytics

Ideal for people with little to no prior experience with analytics, our introductory course teaches you the foundations of statistics, including beginner-level training in Excel and MySQL to learn to work with and analyze data, and in Tableau for presenting data in ways that are easy to interpret and useful for making quick and informed business decisions.

This program includes virtual one-on-ones with your instructor and an xCase.

Introductory Data Analytics

Format: Online
Schedule: Part-time
Time: Self-paced
Length: 13 weeks

Upcoming Program Dates:

Tuition for the introductory program is $4,495.

Intermediate Data Analytics

Intermediate courses are ideal if you have some familiarity with the foundational tools and concepts in analytics, including statistics and Microsoft Excel.

You’ll learn to analyze data using R, a programming language commonly used by data analysts and data scientists, query data using MySQL, and create dashboards with Tableau. We’ll also introduce you to advanced concepts in machine learning and predictive analytics. All intermediate courses include xCases and a capstone project.

Education, the Way You Want It

We have three course formats for intermediate data analytics, so you can choose the program that fits your schedule, and your learning style.

Full-time, on-campus

Schedule: Monday-Friday
Time: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Length: 8 weeks

Part-time, on-campus

Schedule: Wednesdays
Time: 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Length: 22 weeks

Part-time, virtual

Schedule: Wednesdays, online
Time: 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.*
Length: 22 weeks

In our full-time format, the mornings are reserved for interactive lectures while the afternoons are dedicated to hands-on project work.

In the part-time formats, you’ll tackle coursework and projects online at your own pace, and attend class online, or in-person if you choose the part-time on-campus option. In class, you’ll review the coursework and continue hands-on practice of the material with your instructor as a resource.

Upcoming Program Dates:

Tuition for all intermediate data analytics programs is $7,995.

*Hours may vary slightly. Please confirm with your enrollment counselor.