Boston Partners

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"As an employer, we are always looking for people with analytical skills, but they’re hard to find. We’re excited to partner with Level to help us fill our hiring needs and close the skill gap."

Doug DelVecchio, Head of Digital Analytics at Humana

Our Boston Campus

Located at 89 Broad Street, Northeastern University’s financial district campus is only a few minutes walk from all Downtown Boston offers.

Home to world-renowned companies such as State Street and iconic locations such as Faneuil Hall, Boston’s financial district is the economic and historical heart of New England. Enjoy a comprehensive educational and cultural experience at Northeastern’s financial district campus.

89 Broad Street

Boston, MA 02115

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Featured Lecturer

Dr. Terianne Hall

Dr. Terianne Hall is a lecturer at Level. She developed a significant portion of the content and curriculum of Level’s data analytics program, and is excited to teach this content to Level students. She received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from MIT in Mechanical Engineering. Her research involved developing models to evaluate the design of new urban areas. These models were informed by data from hundreds of computational fluid dynamics simulations, each with millions of nodes. Before joining Level, Teri worked at an aerospace startup where she designed and implemented control systems and developed localization and tracking algorithms for antenna arrays. She was also an instructor for the Women’s Technology Program at MIT, a summer program where she taught engineering concepts and mentored women in high school. Teri is also teaching her dog, Pokie, to listen when she is off leash.